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We offer customized software product development services for software and property industry.


This is completely condominium management solution for the property managers and self managed associations. Our centralized application designed to manage condo easier. Digital condo is first of its kind can provides a digital value-added services for the successful property managers and Committee members. You can manage single association or group of communities in your portfolio, Digital condo can provide the tools you need for the success.


At Provalley, Real Estate Management System is a complete digital solution for the property agents, tenants, owners and real estate agencies. REMS is an online portal that manages the overall operational activity of the property, starting from the registration of the property in real estate agency, to agents, clients, and financial transactions. It is a one point solution for managing multiple properties, payments & monitoring activities happening at a different level. It gives 360-degree transparency and visibility to the agents and owner about the updated status of their property. It also provides an overview with respect to sales occurring, cost analysis & real-time data. It is accessible at any time & from anywhere across the globe, which helps in expanding services to multiple locations. Its unique features provide many facilities, few are listed below: Management Dashboard - It provides an overview of the entire project in terms of, Booking, sale, Payment, documentation or transfer of ownership of properties on a single screen. Automated Notifications -Each client has a unique and different requirement. Property agents analyze and understand the clients need an update on the REMS Portal. So in case any property registered in REMS matches the client's requirements, sends a notification to the client. Auto Commission Calculation – It provides hassle-free commission distribution. Each agent’s commission against property is calculated and credited automatically to agents account via REMS portal.


Digital School is management software for primary to high school, and it's affordable for the school management with the user-friendly application for the teachers and parents among the organization, and its relations. The evolution of Digital technology is connecting people, facilitating better communication and it has been creating new for the brands to reach their target audience in a better way. New tools and processes are making the daily function smooth.The application can use by anyone; every device can support in all formats.